November 2007

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  • 11.22.07

    Photo Shoot with Shawn Allen

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    Many people know Shawn Allen as the lead singer of Sofa King Cool or The Rocket Queens, but Shawn also happens to be quite the talented songwriter. Unfortunately, he rarely gets a chance to play guitar, particularly while performing. Throughout the life span of his performances over the last couple of years, hundreds of not thousands of photos have been taken by friends, family and general rock-savy members of the audience, and not one has him on the guitar due to his placement behind the mic as lead singer. To remedy that, we grabbed a guitar and an empty room ...
  • 11.16.07

    Dead Mans Hand in Bar Metro

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    The rock scene in general is usually dominated by male bands, particularly male lead singers. Its quite rare to find a Gwen Stefani, a Hayley Williams, or an Amy Lee in an actual rock band, and anyone who tries to convince me that No Doubt, Paramore and Evanescence are anything more than glorified pop-bands will be sent a cold limp salmon in the post. There of course is nothing wrong with pop-bands, but I'm talking about rock bands, ones that make you growl like a bear, distort your face and punch your fist in the air, while ...
  • 11.16.07

    Shawn Allen in Bar Metro

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    Long before there was Shawn Allen and the Fluffy Truffles, or Shawn Allen and the Sexual Chocolates, Shawn Allen was just Shawn Allen, a local singer-songwriter from Athlone, staying in the comfort zone of the cover bands he sang lead for (Sofa King Cool, The Rocket Queens, etc.). However, on one special night in November 2007, a friend of his from Dead Man's Hands asked him to fill in the break, and do an electric solo set midway through the night. I post these photos not because is was a great gig to shoot (although it was fun to listen ...