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Geoff Quinlan in Passionfruit Theatre

18.04.2008 // Comments Off

Diversity is a wonderful thing, particularly diversity in music, and not only just in songwriting style or genre of music, but in performance style as well. This past year’s Songwriter showcase was full of diversity, from young trad musicians who write their own reels, to female-fronted rock bands, to a guitarist who has been floating around the midlands with a completely original flare for music. He’s an acoustic fret-tapper, and he’s brilliant.

Geoff Quinlan has quickly been making a name for himself in the midlands music scene for his unique playing, and his unparalleled skill… and to top it off, he takes to the stage with such an unassuming and sincere air of graciousness, you’d think he felt surprised that people were listening to him. When he plays however, you can here a pin drop, which so far, is a feat matched only by a small collection of other artists who have played the midlands.

I recently had the opportunity to cover another one of his gigs, when he opened at Passionfruit Theatre and as always, he did not disappoint.

Sneak Peek

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