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Skinsize Kings play Passionfruit Theatre

18.04.2008 // Comments Off

Athlone-based band Skinsize Kings have actually been around for quite some time, making appearances at large concerts link Oxygen, as well as still playing the smaller venues around the midlands for they’re core fan-base. Creating a different sound blending classic rock instrumentation with a bit of edgy vocal styling (with even a small rap twist), they have made a name for themselves as being original and unique. They also have the distinction of being the first rock band to play in the acoustic-based black-box venue of Passionfruit Theatre.

Recently I got a chance to drop in on their sound check, as they prepared for a ‘slightly’ unplugged, sell-out show in the Passionfruit. The shoot was fairly spur of the moment since I couldn’t stay for the show, so the images it yielded are more atmospheric then I had intended. It certainly inspired me want to shoot them again however. Be sure to look for them coming through town soon.

Sneak Peek

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Full Gallery

All photos from this set can be found here »


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