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Catching Up

25.06.2008 // Comments Off

I’ll go ahead and confess that I have about 30 old gigs sitting on my hard drive waiting to be published. This is of course in conjunction with the upcoming gigs that will be shot and published as well. Since both the old and the new deserve to be featured, I’m changing my plan of attack.

Each week, or hopefully twice a week, in between each new gig I post, I’m publishing one (or two) from the archives as well. While some of these bands are no longer together, we all know how much we love to reminisce. To keep the gig info intact though, I’m post-dating their entries, so when an archived gig gets published, it will not pop-up at the top of the blog, it will sync with the rest of the gigs that occurred around it. If you scroll down, you’ll notice new entries appearing in the list that were not there before.

Just to keep you up to date with what’s recently been published which you may not have noticed, here’s a list:

More coming up – Hickory Wind, The Henshaw Family, Bill Coleman, Spiderbaby, Periah, Jimi Cullen and many others…


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