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Crimson play AMP Metro Gig

28.06.2008 // 1 Shout

It’s not often that a band will surprise me.

Its a rarity when I don’t truly enjoy myself at a gig, the energy of live music is always enough to turn anyone’s bad mood around. Last Friday however, when midlands-based band Crimson played an A.M.P. sponsored gig in Bar Metro, I was actually stunned. Firstly, by the fact that I had never heard or even heard of this band before, and secondly, by the comfort of the lead singer behind the mic. Fronting a band is hard enough as it is (believe me, I know…), but it gets even harder when the singer is playing a guitar on top of it.

Fergal O’Rourke on the other hand, lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Crimson, plays with such a degree of comfort and relaxation behind the mic, it was close to impossible not to be impressed. Having played around Ireland for over a decade, they are now coming close to releasing their debut album. Look out for their next gig, you won’t be disappointed.

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