July 2008

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  • 07.14.08

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    After a long and fruitful weekend filled with multiple gigs and many many many photographs, I'll have my processing hands full for a bit, so here's a heads up to another gig pulled from the archives, Geoff Quinlan at Passionfruit. Unbelievable. Geoff Quinlan in Passionfruit Theatre // blog entry » // photo gallery » Skinsize Kings in Passionfruit Theatre // blog entry » // photo gallery » More to come...
  • 07.08.08


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    Just a quick update to a few new pages on this site. For anyone who hasn't perused the photo gallery yet, each individual gallery, as well as photo, utilises tags, making it really straightforward to search on a particular band, musician or event. To make things even easier to find, I created a list on the Photo Archives page (linked to in the top navigation bar above) which separates things by: Band Band Musician Solo Artist Venue Events Individual Gigs ... just to help locate anything you may find interesting. If you happen to see a photo in my archive of someone you know or ...