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As a musician myself, I believe nothing beats the excitement and energy of a live gig. Therefore, I strive to capture the ambiance only felt through live music in my photography. The use of available lighting, composition and timing are integral in creating a photograph that emulates the rush of the moment, long after the gig has ended.

Who is Lightholder?

The Lightholder Photography :: Music Blog is an online incarnation of myself, Kimberly Lightholder, born and raised in San Francisco, California now residing as an Irish citizen in the midlands of Ireland. After a lifetime spent involved in music, I took the leap, deciding to combine my passions and become a freelance music photographer.

My spare time is filled with traveling the venues of Athlone and the Midlands shooting live gigs. In addition, I photograph for the Athlone School of Contemporary Music (School of Rock), and am now a member of the A.M.P. counsel (Arts & Music Promotions – Athlone) as official photographer for the counsel and the bands they are supporting. Our mission is to provide free resources to the bands and artists of the midlands towards receiving more recognition and releasing a CD.

My work has been utilised in Irish newspapers and circulated publications, as well as countless band and music-related websites.

This blog is a resource including a music photography archive, publications on bands and gigs, as well as gear information, photography advice and the occasionally daily ramble. I’m available for hire to shoot live gigs, promotional shots, events and fine art photography, and can be reached at 087.755.9158 or at lightholder@gmail.com.

All photographs on this site are copyright
© 1998-2008 Kimberly Lightholder

If you would like to use them, I’m always willing, just please don’t steal and claim photos as your own. Stealing is bad mojo and will result in plague on both your houses.

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  • John Henry // 26.04.2012

    Hey Kimmy, just perusing your new blog and wanted to say well done. It looks fantastic – the colour scheme and the little quirks like changing comments to ‘Shout it out’. Brilliant!! I love it! I’m green with saturation set to maximum!!!

    See you in the morning…. xo

  • admin // 26.04.2012

    Well aren’t you sweet!! Thanks John. Can’t wait to see your site in full swing. :)

  • Jim Lightholder // 26.04.2012

    my name is jim lightholder. i live in essex my parents were both from dublin and i have 3 sisters one who is named kim lightholder…
    i hope we can talk more and also i have been playing drums for about 30 years…