• 07.14.08

    From the Archives

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    After a long and fruitful weekend filled with multiple gigs and many many many photographs, I'll have my processing hands full for a bit, so here's a heads up to another gig pulled from the archives, Geoff Quinlan at Passionfruit. Unbelievable. Geoff Quinlan in Passionfruit Theatre // blog entry » // photo gallery » Skinsize Kings in Passionfruit Theatre // blog entry » // photo gallery » More to come...
  • 07.08.08


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    Just a quick update to a few new pages on this site. For anyone who hasn't perused the photo gallery yet, each individual gallery, as well as photo, utilises tags, making it really straightforward to search on a particular band, musician or event. To make things even easier to find, I created a list on the Photo Archives page (linked to in the top navigation bar above) which separates things by: Band Band Musician Solo Artist Venue Events Individual Gigs ... just to help locate anything you may find interesting. If you happen to see a photo in my archive of someone you know or ...
  • 06.27.08

    Archive Update

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    Quick note: just posted another archived gig from Spiderbaby... Spiderbaby plays Scribes // blog entry » // full gallery » ...AND I wrote a little function last night which will display a "New" icon next to newly launched sets in the Gallery, so for those of you who go there to look for photos, a newly published archived gig will now be easy to find. Check out the Gallery to see it in action. And now, off to a full weekend of gigs, with two A.M.P. sponsored shows at Metro and The Stables featuring Critic Eyes, Shawn Allen, JP13, Black Satellite, and ...
  • 06.25.08

    Catching Up

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    I'll go ahead and confess that I have about 30 old gigs sitting on my hard drive waiting to be published. This is of course in conjunction with the upcoming gigs that will be shot and published as well. Since both the old and the new deserve to be featured, I'm changing my plan of attack. Each week, or hopefully twice a week, in between each new gig I post, I'm publishing one (or two) from the archives as well. While some of these bands are no longer together, we all know how much we love to reminisce. To ...
  • 06.12.08

    Coming Up

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    This past weekend was busy, with yours truly jetting to two gigs on Friday at both the PassionFruit Theatre, and The Shack to shoot some quite talented out-of-town musicians who were traveling through Athlone. It was the first time I didn't have enough money to buy all the CDs that were on offer (about 7 if memory recalls). In addition, I just received word from Hickory Wind that they are booked into the PassionFruit this friday, so while you're waiting for last weekends photos to be released, gear up for an entertaining group of lads this Friday, you won't want ...
  • 05.03.08

    School of Rock – 2008

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    The Athlone School of Contemporary Music hosts a 2-floor, 3-hour live featuring local rock bands from around the midlands about once every 6 months, and this year's show delivered all that could be expected and then some. This year's line-up featured not only a new batch of singer-songwriters forging out from their cover-bands comfort-zone and performing their own material, but also included a new promising young band, Critic Eyes, fronted by two female guitarists, a rarity in the current music scene. For anyone who has ever shot a rock concert before, you know that you'll burn through exposures at ...
  • 04.18.08

    Geoff Quinlan in Passionfruit Theatre

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    Diversity is a wonderful thing, particularly diversity in music, and not only just in songwriting style or genre of music, but in performance style as well. This past year's Songwriter showcase was full of diversity, from young trad musicians who write their own reels, to female-fronted rock bands, to a guitarist who has been floating around the midlands with a completely original flare for music. He's an acoustic fret-tapper, and he's brilliant. Geoff Quinlan has quickly been making a name for himself in the midlands music scene for his unique playing, and his unparalleled skill... and to top it ...
  • 01.26.08

    Sofa King Cool in Bar Metro

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    This is actually more of a throw-away gig, since I was actually not in attendance as an official shooter, but simply a patron sitting in the corner, sipping my soda. However, the gig is unique for two reasons. Firstly, it's one of the few times a woman joined the Kings on stage, in the form of Michelle Gibbons, rock-singer extraordinarie, as well as the always entertaining Paul Allen. Secondly, since this is the last documented evidence of Sofa King Cool playing Bar Metro, it needed to be posted, because as some say, "It's the end of an era..." Sneak ...
  • 12.16.07

    The Rocket Queens – R.I.P.

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    Guns 'n' Roses tribute band The Rocket Queens played their final gig in Bar Metro a bit ago, and the crowd was out in hordes. For those of you that don't know, the Rocket Queens are actually Sofa King Cool in drag as I like to say. A group of well-seasoned and talented musicians, each band-member is already a veteran to the band-scene in the Midlands, and while Sofa King Cool still lives on, the Rocket Queens are no more. Sneak Peek Continue Reading...
  • 11.22.07

    Photo Shoot with Shawn Allen

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    Many people know Shawn Allen as the lead singer of Sofa King Cool or The Rocket Queens, but Shawn also happens to be quite the talented songwriter. Unfortunately, he rarely gets a chance to play guitar, particularly while performing. Throughout the life span of his performances over the last couple of years, hundreds of not thousands of photos have been taken by friends, family and general rock-savy members of the audience, and not one has him on the guitar due to his placement behind the mic as lead singer. To remedy that, we grabbed a guitar and an empty room ...