• 07.14.08

    From the Archives

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    After a long and fruitful weekend filled with multiple gigs and many many many photographs, I'll have my processing hands full for a bit, so here's a heads up to another gig pulled from the archives, Geoff Quinlan at Passionfruit. Unbelievable. Geoff Quinlan in Passionfruit Theatre // blog entry » // photo gallery » Skinsize Kings in Passionfruit Theatre // blog entry » // photo gallery » More to come...
  • 06.28.08

    Crimson play AMP Metro Gig

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    It's not often that a band will surprise me. Its a rarity when I don't truly enjoy myself at a gig, the energy of live music is always enough to turn anyone's bad mood around. Last Friday however, when midlands-based band Crimson played an A.M.P. sponsored gig in Bar Metro, I was actually stunned. Firstly, by the fact that I had never heard or even heard of this band before, and secondly, by the comfort of the lead singer behind the mic. Fronting a band is hard enough as it is (believe me, I know...), but it ...
  • 06.28.08

    Critic Eyes play AMP Metro Gig

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    Their name is Critic Eyes, a rock band based in Athlone with not only bags of talents, but 2 (count them, two!) guitar-playing female front-people (as opposed to front-men). Their young, they're writing their own material, they're playing out, they're female, it doesn't get much more unique. Normally a four-piece (with a drummer and a bassist), last Friday saw them playing an acoustic set in Bar Metro, part of an A.M.P. sponsored rock night. If you haven't heard them live yet, remedy that quickly. It won't be long before seeing them in a local venue in Athlone will be ...
  • 06.27.08

    Archive Update

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    Quick note: just posted another archived gig from Spiderbaby... Spiderbaby plays Scribes // blog entry » // full gallery » ...AND I wrote a little function last night which will display a "New" icon next to newly launched sets in the Gallery, so for those of you who go there to look for photos, a newly published archived gig will now be easy to find. Check out the Gallery to see it in action. And now, off to a full weekend of gigs, with two A.M.P. sponsored shows at Metro and The Stables featuring Critic Eyes, Shawn Allen, JP13, Black Satellite, and ...
  • 06.25.08

    Catching Up

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    I'll go ahead and confess that I have about 30 old gigs sitting on my hard drive waiting to be published. This is of course in conjunction with the upcoming gigs that will be shot and published as well. Since both the old and the new deserve to be featured, I'm changing my plan of attack. Each week, or hopefully twice a week, in between each new gig I post, I'm publishing one (or two) from the archives as well. While some of these bands are no longer together, we all know how much we love to reminisce. To ...
  • 06.20.08

    Sean Lightholder at Passionfruit – II

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    An additional set of Sean Lightholder playing the Passionfruit Theatre in Athlone. Sneak Peek Continue Reading...
  • 05.10.08

    Sean Lightholder at Passionfruit Theatre

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    Recently, singer-songwriter Sean Lightholder, normally of Kerbside, entertained a packed house in a supporting solo gig for Robert Sarazin Blake at the Passionfruit Theatre in Athlone. A new black-box venue, Passionfruit often hosts local original and up-and-coming acts as well as touring artists traveling through Ireland. His story-telling songs with a theatrical performing style made for a refreshingly different show, and it's not just because he's my husband. :) Sneak Peek Continue Reading...
  • 05.05.08

    School of Rock – 2008 – III

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    Here we go again with another bath from the Athlone School of Contemporary Music's live gig School of Rock in the Palace, Athlone. The 3rd set were impressively dynamic thanks to a late night slot for the band playing (which meant the audience was now 3 of 4 pints down) and a very photogenic lead singer. Sneak Peek Continue Reading...
  • 05.04.08

    School of Rock – 2008 – II

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    Coming back with a second set of shots from the aforementioned gig the School of Rock Live in the Palace. This particular set was more challenging since most of the musicians on stage were much further back, making it even more impossible to get a decent shot of them. However, the band in the Loft during this set were the most energetic bunch of musicians I'd seen in quite a while, with fantastic hair to boot. Sneak Peek Continue Reading...
  • 04.18.08

    Skinsize Kings play Passionfruit Theatre

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    Athlone-based band Skinsize Kings have actually been around for quite some time, making appearances at large concerts link Oxygen, as well as still playing the smaller venues around the midlands for they're core fan-base. Creating a different sound blending classic rock instrumentation with a bit of edgy vocal styling (with even a small rap twist), they have made a name for themselves as being original and unique. They also have the distinction of being the first rock band to play in the acoustic-based black-box venue of Passionfruit Theatre. Recently I got a chance to drop in on their sound ...